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Did you know that the development, testing, and manufacturing of tires affects your driving experience in more ways than you might realize? For example, tire engineers use their knowledge of physics to thoughtfully develop tread patterns for a variety of purposes, like reducing the noise of the tire on the road, evacuating water on wet terrain, or ejecting rocks from tread grooves. The type of compound that makes up a tire, and even the components inside it, can affect how long your tire lasts and how much fuel you use. Additionally, the factory that manufactures the tires can have a profound impact on the environment if it doesn’t use sustainable manufacturing methods. All these considerations are taken care of by the team at Sentury Tire USA, prior to the sale and seamless delivery of tires to you. And so, we would like to introduce you to a few members of the dedicated team behind Landsail Tires.


Maxwell KC Wee, Executive Vice President
Hilton Cordero, Territory Sales & Technology Director


Nick Gutierrez, Territory Sales/Marketing Director
Joseph Arisso, Territory Sales Manager


Jimmy Chau, Territory Sales Manager
David Klekamp, Technical Director


Jim Maples, Territory Sales Manager



Some of our team members share what they love most about Sentury Tire USA.


Core Values
Forward Focused


A Strong Team
Customer Service


Who Makes Sentury Tires, and Where are They Manufactured?

Take a look inside our 4.0 Smart Factory!

Landsail Tires are manufactured in Sentury’s factory, located in Thailand, which holds the prestigious accreditation of a 4.0 “Smart Factory”. This accreditation is only reserved for factories that reach the strictest standards of sustainability, productivity, and time-to-market.

This means that the Sentury family of tire brands is produced using the most cutting-edge, energy efficient equipment and most stringent safety standards, while maintaining a close eye on sustainability. So to answer the question “Are Landsail Tires Good?” We believe Sentury’s strict standards of quality, sustainability, and technology speak for themselves and produce the high quality Landsail tire brand that consumers can feel good about buying. Sentury is also on track to build another such factory in Spain, projected to be completed in 2025.

Take an in-depth look at Sentury's groundbreaking 4.0 Smart Factory.

Click here for more information about Sentury’s cutting edge 4.0 “Smart Factory” and its groundbreaking innovations.

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