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Tire brands like Landsail do not come around every day.

Landsail ​Tires​ are built with a no-nonsense vision to manufacture the best tire that technology can build. Landsail has proven this by setting the standards high since its inception. Since breaking ground, Landsail founders have had Its sights set to build both, automotive and commercial aircraft tires. The same exceptional quality and standards were used to build one of the world’s first fully automated tire manufacturing facilities. Today Landsail ​meets the strict global ISO standards of commercial aircraft tire manufacturing that is carried over to its Landsail passenger car product lineup. ​Recently Landsail factories have received the ​prestigious ​Industry 4.0​ recognition, ​making it the first and only tire plant to achieve ‘Smart Factory’ status.

Take a moment to see how we think and you will better know who we are as a company. The proof of the Landsail brand is in the long-time relationships we have built with our valued customers... and we hope to build customers like you.

R&D Philosophy

Take the path of independent innovation.

Quality Philosophy

Focus on guaranteed products, manage carefully, optimize constantly and pursue excellence. If ever you have a question for us or you would like to speak to us directly do not hesitate to connect using one of our dedicated customer touchpoints ​here​.