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Landsail Tires showcases the 2023 VW ID. Buzz Cargo Van at the 2023 SEMA Show

Hialeah, FL, October 30, 2023: In an exclusive first appearance at the 2023 SEMA show and in the US, Landsail Tires will debut its impressive build, the VW ID. Buzz Cargo Van at the Sentury Tires booth.

The ID. Buzz is Volkswagen’s brand new all-electric cargo van that is currently only available in European markets. Featuring Landsail Tires and aftermarket support from partners Rotiform and H&R, it can be seen at Booth #44071 in the South Hall.

Volkswagen fanatic and brains behind the build, Jamie Orr said, “Sentury envisioned it as a perfectly-sized Performance Tire Delivery Van, featuring the RapidDragon racing tire, which Landsail fitted at the front in a 235/45R21 and 265/40R21 in the rear, for a staggered set up”.

The build also features a custom wrap designed by 7SG with GR Wraps performing the wrap installation, one-off Rotiform 21” STL forged alloy wheels, H&R Street Performance coil overs and a Thule Caprock Rack. The vehicle was transported here from Germany, especially for the show, and will return to Germany for future parts and delivery work at the Auto Ōstringer dealership.

“We asked Jamie if a Buzz would be possible for the show this year and he called us 15 minutes later to say he had secured the Buzz Cargo,” said Maxwell Wee, Executive Vice President for Sentury Tire. “The result is what you’ll see here at our booth.”

The ID. Buzz is the only Volkswagen Cargo Van being featured at SEMA. For photos of the build, please visit: 2023 VW ID. BUZZ SEMA

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Landsail Tires SEMA 2023 Updates

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Most of us spend our days confined to the small square footage of space that surrounds our desks. Sometimes we are momentarily transported by the posters of inspirational quotes we’ve put on our walls, the picturesque scenery on our screensaver – or if we’re lucky enough – the nice view outside our window. They say that in order to decrease stress, you must increase your visual vantage point. And the reality is that we were designed to stand and be outdoors. Our biology positively responds to the sun, and adventure gives us a feeling of being alive.

The new Landsail tire called the Stormblazer CLX20 was designed to get you back into nature, even if it’s through the vantage point of a suspended vehicle window! The focus of this product is to provide the bustling crossover market with a smartly engineered and high-quality hybrid tire. We were so excited about the Stormblazer CLX20 that we purchased a Subaru Outback to build out and use for the brand at outdoor and automotive events. Landsail named the 2023 Suby THE CROSSLAND. Our objective behind doing this was that we wanted to feel what you feel, we wanted our hands to be on the steering wheel of a properly-built overland crossover that’s after adventure.

Official Video: The CrossLand

Introducing the new Stormblazer CLX20 Crossover tire. Watch now!

Official Video: The CrossLand. Introducing the new Stormblazer CLX20 Crossover tire.

About the Build: THE CROSSLAND When it came to outfitting the vehicle, we partnered with some of the best in the industry: Ready Lift helped with giving the vehicle clearance and the ability to run a larger tire suspension. For the front, we used a Rally Innovations front bumper and a Primitive Racing skid plate. We finished it off with lighting by Baja Designs. All these tweaks helped with additional clearance, protection, and better nighttime visibility for safer explorations. For recovery, we used the 5th tire mount by RIGd Supply with the Maxtrax recovery board attachment and the Rhino USA recovery strap kit. To air down and air up we are used a Viair compressor. From Rokblokz, we are running their mud flaps that matched the recovery boards and overall color theme of the vehicle. For the fun stuff, a full kit by Yakima was used to thoughtfully take up the roof space. The system was fully modular with a basket to carry all the recovery gear including a Hobie Fishing Kayak from OEX in Sunset Beach. To finish off the build, we used ICON Journey wheels in 17x8 with a 38mm to offset on our new Landsail Stormblazer CLX20 245/65r17s.

Landsail Stormblazer CLX20 Crossover Three Peak Mountain Snowflake tire.
Landsail Stormblazer CLX20 Crossover tire.

About the tire: STORMBLAZER CLX20: THE STORMBLAZER CLX20 has a strong tread pattern and the option to choose the look you want with a dual sidewall design. This CUV/SUV tire is designed to give you reliability and durability wherever your outdoor adventure takes you. The Stormblazer also comes in F-Rated 12-ply for extra towing capability in select tire sizes and will be available in 15, 20, 22, 24 wheel diameters and over 50+ sizes.

Landsail Stormblazer CLX20 Crossover dual sidewall tire.

Why the CLX20? The Stormblazer is equipped with the following features and benefits:

  • Aggressive Tread Design
  • All Weather Engineering
  • Three-Step Tread Block
  • Stone Ejectors
  • Dual Sidewall Design
  • Nano-Silica Compound
  • Steel Cord Belt
  • Hauling Capability

Designed for SUVs/CUVs, the Stormblazer was built specifically for OEMs such as: Subaru Outback, Subaru Forester, Lexus RX Toyota RAV4, Subaru Crosstrek, Honda CR-V, Jeep Renegade Trailhawk, Mazda CX-5, Nissan Rouge, Ford Escape & Jeep Cherokee. It also comes with a 55K mile warranty.

So instead of waiting for the weekend to get back out into nature, try trekking around with a set of Landsail’s Stormblazer CLX20s on your vehicle for your afterwork surf session or midweek hike, and see where the adventure takes you!

Learn more about this tire here: STORMBLAZER CLX20 CROSSOVER TIRE

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SEMA 2022 Booth Tour - Part 2

We take you through a tour of our booth and outside of SEMA. Watch now!

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SEMA 2022 Booth Tour

We take you through a tour of our booth and showcase two new categories for you.

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clx10 rangeblazer all terrain A/T tire toyota tacoma landsailtires

Check out our latest video:

Who doesn’t love Summer? BBQs, vacations & beach bonfires. In celebration of coming through the most challenging Summers in US history, Landsail Tires is here to equip your Summer adventure! With increased road trips this season, we wanted to highlight the tire that will get you to those destinations with more cash in your pocket and gas in your tank.

The Landsail Rangeblazer A/T is our tire of choice this season with its Landsail Equipped features: 50K Mileage Warranty, the Rangeblazer is a true 50k mile all-terrain tire, built to stand the test of time. In rain, snow or dirt, this tire is reliable on various roads and terrains.

Staggered Middle Block
Noise is reduced with the staggered middle tread block, while the sloped corners repel rocks and deliver a serious grip.

High-Stability Tread
The tread design of the Rangeblazer is equipped with a quiet groove pattern to ensure driving stability and quiet comfort on the pavement. This tread is perfect for the size options that are F-Rated* for towing and hauling performance.

Severe Snow Ready
Built to the highest standards for snowy conditions, the Rangeblazer meets the industry requirements by displaying the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake/Severe Snow Rated symbol. (3PMSF)

To learn more about the Landsail CLX10 Rangeblazer A/T tire:

To learn more about Weld Wheels:

Verde Wheels X Landsail Tires

Verde Wheels and Landsail Tires collaboration. This is luxury at its finest. A Cadillac Escalade with Verde wheels wrapped with Landsail LS588 SUV tires.
Watch the video of this beautiful combination.


At SoCal Tires Car Customization Studio, we pride ourselves on taking unique spins on vehicle upgrades, maintenance, & lifestyle. From the average joe to the full-on weekend cruiser. We build the vehicle to tailor your budget. Gives me great pleasure to introduce our 2005 Mercedes-Benz e320 Estate, better known in the States as Longroof or Wagon.

I've always had a love for wagons since my youth as my parents had multiple Volvo wagons. Just imagining what I could turn them into to make them my own persona. But...once I laid my eyes on the Mercedes wagons of the era it was embedded in my DNA that I would make a head-turning version of my own, for my own family to enjoy.

Approximately 1 year ago, this car basically fell into my lap & I had to build it. Came with a folder of service records, 2 keys, an original window sticker, & much more including having the rare Pearlite Grey color code. Having owned over 150 cars to date, & most of those being high-performance AMG models, I needed something that got me excited. While the v6 engine in our estate isn't a horsepower monster, it provides more than enough power to daily drive, take family road trips, conserve fuel, & look stellar while doing so!

I'm a firm believer in preventative maintenance, & this build was no exception. We did everything from the cooling system, to brakes, to control arms, to transmission conductor plate & solenoids, to full tune-up, & MUCH much more. Granted it needed NONE of those things, but I wanted it weekend warrior ready. Upgrade wise the list is also massive. We upgraded the sound system, added Bilstein/H&R suspension, had a custom German steering wheel made, e63 front end conversion, motorsport hardware stud conversion, 19" staggered wheels on Landsail LS588 UHP tires, full ceramic tint on every window to keep the IR heat out, etc.. The list of upgrades/maintenance could go on and on.

I've been offered generous cash & trades for my beloved wagon, but when the time came to hand keys for cash, I could never follow through. If you know me, you would find that odd as I change cars all the time! Dirty or clean, this long roof always gets thumbs up & compliments. Always surprises me just how much love it gets from the younger crowd to the older crowd. What I personally love about this build, is that it's unique just like us. I know I can take it out locally and won't see another around like it. It's my version of what an OEM+ build should be where it's not too much where it detracts from the actual vehicle, and not too little where it won't stand out. I tell our customers, that you can ALWAYS pick out a SoCal Tires Car Customization Studio vehicle from the crowd.

SoCal Tires Studio

SEMA 2021

2021 SEMA Show Concludes as Largest North American Automotive Trade Show Since the Pandemic.

From vehicle reveals, new-product debuts, celebrity appearances, to educational seminars. This year the theme was rugged overland builds, classics powered by electric motors, tastefully built C8's, and off-road-ready Broncos. More than 100,000 attendees, exhibitors, and media participated in the first full-facility event at the Las Vegas Convention Center, which occupied 4.6 million sq. ft. of convention space with an additional 2.2 million sq. ft. of parking space.

We are already excited for next year! If you missed it, please take the time to check out our media links, social connections, and more!

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SEMA 2021 with Landsail Tires:

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